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As the seed is the central focus of everything you do and everything we do, it needs to be carefully packaged to enable it to reach its
fullest potential. The seed coating products that are uniquely formulated by Centor’s own dedicated research team for the

premium Seedworx™ range offers added value in the minimisation of dust, improved flow through seed treatment facilities, enhanced 
plant-ability and the best-looking seed.

We have customised our products to meet the demand for more environmentally sensitive requirements thereby allowing organic 
farmers and producers to benefit from seed coatings that have the same levels of quality as standard coatings.

We already have products used in organic agriculture, however the ever-changing market  led us to develop a new range of Seedworx™ coatings in our BioBased platform, which are developed from natural resources and can also be used in mainstream markets.

We truly value forward thinking and from our research and development pipeline, we look towards adding greater benefits in terms of nutrition, bio-based and biological products.

As one of the most comprehensive seed technology groups, with products that span seed coating treatment machinery, seed drying and speciality coating materials we can help you to combine them all to get more effective results. 

For those operating in price sensitive markets or with seed  that doesn’t require all the technical advances, Centor has the ezi-cote™
range of seed coating materials to ensure we have a product offering that fits.



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These range from easy to use laboratory and high volume

agro - commercial and basic coaters, right through to state-of-the-art sophisticated turnkey automated facilities.

These systems offer flexibility through options that include selection of the number of pumps required for the liquid inputs as well as the number of powder feeders for the addition of blends or finishing powder, and even a choice between steel and stainless construction.

The Centor Group has the right equipment and coating protocols to suit all needs and budgets. We are ready to answer your questions and provide you with solutions.

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The Council acts as a central platform for sharing information and
experience across the group. It guides our R&D team and reviews the
latest developments in the fields of science and technology with
practical, marketable outcomes front of mind.

People are one resource every seed business knows drives value; the
Centor Group is positioned to enhance your seed technology skill set.

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The Centor Group is a leader in seed quality testing and assessment. We have the knowledge, protocols, equipment, software and hardware to offer you seed quality testing at the highest level.

We have single seed measurement tools which can be used in the field or in the laboratory to ensure high germination, homogeneity, shelf life and strong vigour.

We have multi faceted high-tech separation technology based on liquid density, chlorophyll content, seed leakage, visual or X-ray analysis, etc. We have the tools to help you rescue your inventory.

We have the experience, skills and technology to meet all your seed priming needs. We have very modular and capacity-flexible equipment for liquid matrix disinfection and novel heat treatment technologies.

If obtaining the knowledge about your seed quality and the ability to make informed decisions is key to your business; speak to the Centor Group about how our solutions can help.

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The Centor Group has the best solutions for drying, storing, maximising and rescuing your seeds at an affordable price.

We are a research driven group and we know how and where
viable seeds are destroyed through lack of good seed husbandry.

From small low-cost dryers to the sophistication of high volume
drying equipment, we have the technology and knowledge to
meet every challenge.

Our  objective is to use seed as an efficient low-cost delivery vehicle for everything a plant needs.

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Protecting your seed investment, brand and integrity is paramount; the Centor Group is ready to deliver peace of mind for you and your customers.

We can provide you with a customised Seedworx™ Imprint coating polymer solution to help clearly identify your products.

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The world over has seen a developing understanding of the impact we have on our own environment.

Centor Group has always held an appreciation for setting a high
value on suitable product selection, maintaining standards higher than those actually required for its products. 
We have introduced a new range of products which clearly demonstrates our commitment
to our customers who also value these ethics.

These products fall under the umbrella of our Seedworx™ BioBased branding. Our first product in this range goes further than just using
products which are sustainably sourced from natural ingredients, it is also organically certified under both European and NOP regulations.

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