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We strongly believe that we can do a good business while being a

good business.

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Doing things right is one of our most important values at the Centor Group. 

We work hard every day to provide products that enhance the lives of people in our community, our country, and all over the world. We are clear about what we mean when we talk about doing things right. Not only does it mean that we provide products that are well made, fairly priced, and of exceptional quality, but it also means that every step we take in making those products is taken with ethics and integrity in mind.

The Centor Group commits to sourcing material  from suppliers who have a commitment to human rights, ensuring our supply chain is of high integrity and monitoring our entire operation for compliance with our code of conduct.

The Centor Group will have an overall, positive impact on people and the environment.

We recognize that our business has an impact on social and environmental issues, in particular people’s working conditions and their developmental opportunities. This is a pre-condition to our future growth, a growth that will be achieved along with suppliers, members and distributors that share the same vision and ambition.

Trust, integrity and honesty are our core values and the foundation of the Centor Group.

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