After two years of careful research and trials in India and some small commercial sales in 2013 Centor India was born in Jan 2013 with the vision of bringing the best seed technology to India but with a uniquely Indian flavour. We are members of the Centor Group which enables us to access leading edge products, equipment and ideas from all over the world and importantly offer Indian products and ideas to the world.

Centor India is focused on finding practical, innovative solutions for problems that grower's face, by bringing new technologies to the table, using seed in the first instance as the delivery vehicle to improve all aspects of production from start to finish.

Our seed applied products result in value adding in one of its simplest forms through the use of high quality filmcoats, encrustments and pelleting, under our SeedworxTM and Ezi-COTE range, with the technology, equipment, machinery and customer service to bring it all together.

A combination of biologicals, fungicides, insecticides, systemic acquired resistance products and nutrients can also be incorporated into the coat to help protect the emerging seedling from a range of fungal attacks and to assist crop establishment.

We are able to mix and match technologies to meet your needs, ensuring that you acquire the right equipment (for your present and future needs), the right products with the correct specifications at an affordable price.

We also offer superior technical support, develop protocols that work for you and offer training for all levels; from management to operator, from the quality control department, to the sales staff and even to your customer if needed

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Centor India

SY No. 674 & 714 Kandla Koya,
Devarmjal Village Shamirpet Mandal, Medchal, Malkajgiri District
Hyderabad Rangareddi TG 501401 IN

Office: +91 9618 555 388  

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